Comprehensive Software for Biometric Signature



Biometric Signature

ENSoft is a desktop application that enables companies to manage the user experience of the signature process on signature pads, that are able to retrieve the biometric data of the customer’s signature.

The solution is developed with a modular pattern based on plugins, providing the possibility to customize and configure the application to cover different business needs.


The All-in-One Software for Signature Pads


Biometric Signature

ENSoft manages the biometric signature process. It detects different user’s signature parameters as coordinates, pressure and time, acceleration and speed of the signature, traced on a pad, generating a highly secure biometric signature.


Signature Forensics & Audit

To reach the highest probatory value, in case of legal disputes, the software allows the extraction and comparison of biometric data from which a graphological expert will formulate a report.


Screen Control

Manages the accessibility and the display options on the signature pad.


Customer Feedback & Media Player

Offers the possibility to use the signature pad as a content player and retrieve valuable feedback from the end-users through a fully customizable survey.


A Marketing Tool

It displays selected corporate marketing content such as promotional messages, video clips, slideshows and web pages during waiting times, optimizing the customer experience.

Taking the Signing Experience to Another Level

The software provides an agile user experience, with customization features available for businesses, making it possible to personalize the interface and the signing field within documents with a corporate visual identity.

ENSOFT 2 has built-in workflows that allow the management of multiple signers and documents, streamlining the signing process among different signatories from separate branches through a coordinated multi-signature process. Upon completion, when the document is signed by all signees, secure storage is provided in servers installed on-premises.


The implementation of the biometric software solution ENSOFT 2 in your business processes brings multiple benefits:

Omnichannel Experience

ENSOFT 2 provides an Omnichannel Experience for multiple signers, giving the possibility of signing in branch or through personal digital devices.

In the latter case, a link is sent to sign a document and once it is opened in the browser, the user authenticates via OTP (SMS or email), reviewing and signing the document on a web page with a Digital Certificate.

Beyond the possibility of signing the documentation through different OTP channels, ENSOFT 2 is integrated with external processes and applications, improving its versatility for different platforms.


Integrate a Biometric Signature in your App