The Forensic Tool for
Biometric Data Analysis

The Forensic Tool for Biometric Data Analysis



Biometric Signature
Analysis Within Reach


ENCalligrapher, the desktop application for biometric data extraction and biometric signature analysis, was born to satisfy the need to ensure and guarantee the ownership of electronic signatures.

This application takes into consideration all the actions performed by the signer during the signing process, analysing the signature morphology.

This makes ENCalligrapher the perfect tool for forensic graphologists, professionals with high knowledge in judicial system procedures, conducting graphometric signature ownership verification and comparisons.

In case of a legal dispute, a graphologist can confirm or deny the property of a biometric signature, supporting the evaluation with the aid of biometric data analysis, reports, and results with a full legal validity.

Capturing your
Signature Morphology

The forensic tool analyzes documents signed with the combination of Euronovate proprietary software ENSoft + Euronovate proprietary pad ENSIGN 11, or any compatible certified device dynamically detecting all the actions during the signing process, collecting information about different parameters such as speed, pressure, pen acceleration, movements in the air. The signature analysis is performed with a graphic representation of those parameters.
Capturing your Signature Morphology

Biometric Data Extraction
in One Session

The biometric data extraction or forensic analysis is carried out for every signature in one or more PDFs in the same session to ensure a legal and probative value (so the digital documents are associated with biometric data and are encrypted with asymmetric keys for the security of the data itself), and the comparison is done by overlapping.

Moreover, a signature can be checked in real time with the acquisition of its biometric data through EnSign11 without a PDF, and with no trace left on the device.

More than a Biometric Signature




Protecting your
Biometric Data

ENCalligrapher brings security to your signature as the extraction can only occur having access to the private key of the digital certificate used to sign.

The Certification Authority (CA) that supplied the certificate will then arranges for the storage of the private key for security and legal reasons.

ENCalligrapher uses the simulation tool to reproduce the way signatures were generated, thanks to the biometric data parameters. It can also compare simulations.

All the analysis reports containing the acquired parameters are exported on Excel.


ENCalligrapher provides business with the many benefits:

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