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Legal Services

legal services

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Legal Services often have to deal with several revisions and follow up of documents, making all their processes long and time-consuming. Since managing documents is often stressful, clients seek for the most trustful and connected relationship with the legal institution to have the smoothest experience ever.

legal services

Law firms require identity verification of their clients to meet legal obligations set down by international regulations, such as AML5, to prevent identity fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing.

With Euronovate Group’s solutions, client verification is smoothly done, benefiting clients and the administrative staff.

Legal services’ and law firms’ clients are in constant need to sign and approve documents such as loans, contracts, and agreements with the highest probatory value.

Electronic signature simplifies all this complex and lengthy process, streamlining the agile closing of such procedures, guaranteeing the confidentially of the documents to the law firms and their clients.

By adopting Euronovate Group’s Digital Signature, the legal firm will:

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