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Digital identities creation and management, electronic signatures and digital certificates at the heart of the international group’s offer.

“For some time now, the digital signature has been a piece of primary importance in the digitization of business processes, but it is not enough on its own: it must be integrated in a transparent manner with identity management, access control and compliance with complex national and international regulations and constantly evolving, and it is precisely this awareness that has guided our path of growth and development”. These are Fabio Di Pietro‘s words , Euronovate Group CEO, a company founded about ten years ago with the aim of providing the finance world with hardware and software solutions for graphometric signatures, which over the years has consistently expanded its range, both technically and commercially. Today the company offers a broad range of proprietary end-to-end hardware and software solutions, interoperable with numerous third-party platforms, which can be implemented in both integrated and decoupled ways. “We are able to answer to any type of requirement in terms of e-signatures, access identities and digital certificates, from the simplest to the most complex, always in an effective, flexible and timely manner”, assures Di Pietro.

A milestone in Euronovate’s history is represented by the acquisition, in 2019, of Vintegris, a Spanish Certification Authority active in the information security market and a qualified provider of services for electronic identification and digital trust according to the eIDAS regulation. It provides a common regulatory basis at European level for secure electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public administrations. “Thanks to the integration of our solutions with the technology developed by Vintegris”, highlights Di Pietro, “companies can use eIDAS compliant digital signatures, issue and manage qualified digital identities and have a complete authentication tool, compatible with European and non-European national systems, starting with the SPID“.

Constant growth

Controlled by the American multinational company Topaz Systems, leader for the US market in the supply of hardware and software solutions for e-signatures, Euronovate continued to record significant growth rates even during the pandemic difficult years. If at the beginning digital signature and access identity have been be considered a niche market, limited in fact to the world of finance, today it is in fact a very topical issue that affects practically all market segments, from retail to logistics, from telco to the public administration up to the health sector. These are precisely the areas to which Euronovate looks today and in which it boasts numerous references. At the finance level, where it has a consolidated presence, the company collaborates with 8 of the top 10 Italian banks and 3 of the 6 main Spanish banks and with Intrum, one of the main companies in the world active in the sector of non-performing loans (NPL, non- performing loans), while for Telcos it was chosen by Zain, one of the main carriers in the Middle East. It is also worth mentioning the contribution made by Euronovate to the processes digitization of some vaccination centers and ASLs, in particular as regards the signing of the consent to privacy and medical history forms, testifying to its commitment in the health sector.

A glance to the future

With headquarters in Switzerland, Italy (Padova), and Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) Euronovate Group looks to the future with optimism. “In the last three years we have more than doubled the number of internal resources, over half of which have a technical background,” Di Pietro underlines. “For the near future we intend to continue on this path, so we have designed an ambitious roadmap that we are sure we can meet“.

At a technical level, the company is further enriching its already extensive offering with the wSign and enID products. At a commercial level, the goal is to accelerate the internationalization process underway, both through a direct presence in new geographies and through an expansion of its ecosystem of business partners. “We look with great interest at the rapidly growing markets of the countries of North Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the Balkans and South America, where we have already achieved significant successes, and with an eye on the US market in the medium term”, concludes Di Pietro.

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